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Please note that CranioSacral Therapy is a complementary treatment and is in no way intended to diagnose any condition or replace any existing prescribed medical treatment, nor replace the relationship patients have with their medical practitioner. These testimonials are the heartfelt personal views of patients and are individual to each person's experience.

Manolis Lydakis, Operations Manager Harvey Nichols, Kuwait

Manal - Kuwait

I met Evelyn two years ago through a common friend and since then she has been my spiritual guide with the practice of craniosacral therapy. Evelyn has very positive energy and a calm aura that draws your attention and makes you feel comfortable instantly.

Craniosacral therapy had been an essential asset in my life and Evelyn has helped me to overcome traumas ftom past experiences, clear my energy flow, handle stress in a better way and grow spiritually. In addition to all those, I discovered that I am an empath myself and Evelyn has guided me to better understand this charisma and how to use it in order to bring good to others and myself.

Craniosacral therapy is a very safe, natural experience that doesn't involve any medication or risky exercises to harm ourselves. I have therapy sessions quite frequently, as I see improvement in myself all the time. The therapy is all about relaxation and get in contact with the inner you. Then the magic happens and you start feeling the energy of the universe in your body and soul.

My friends have noticed the positive effect craniosacral therapy has had on me and I have recommended it to quite a few of them. They have tried it and found it extraordinary! Since words cannot describe exactly the feeling of tranquility, spiritual growth and cleansing you receive during and after each session, I can only recommend to anyone who is looking for healing and spiritual development.

Annalien Bothma, 63 - Pretoria, SA,

I had a traumatic life and had something ailing me for most of it. Depression started in my thirties. I used to get bronchitis/ pneumonia and or flu at least twice a year. I turned septic after most of the operations. I get panic attacks with my heart racing. (200 + per minute) and had to go to the hospital (sometimes ICU) to regulate my heartbeat.

I had the following operations; Appendix removal, Kidney stones, Beast abscesses, Correction of the bladder, Piles, Tonsils removal, Foundation lift, Gallbladder removal, Hysterectomy.

I have seen many medical doctors, specialists, Psychiatrist and homeopaths and have been in and out of hospitals and clinics for operations, sleep therapy and hypnoses, At one stage I felt like a zombie with all the medication I had to take. I was unable to work and was put on medical pension at the age of 56.

So far I've had about 5 sessions with Evelyn in the last two years with amazing results.

About 5 months ago I started feeling uncomfortable and pain in my abdominal area. It was constant for several weeks and eventually I went to see the doctor. The doctor examined me and told me he suspected cancer and sent me for x-rays a scan and blood work. I asked Evelyn to do a CranioSacral Therapy session on me before I went for the tests. After she worked on me I fell asleep and slept for 8 hours. I woke up and had no pain. Just to be sure I still had the tests done anyway. The test results were COMPLETELY CLEAR.

The Cranio treatments with Evelyn also reduced my panic attacks and heart palpitations. It has been several months since I had an attack and I used to get it on almost a daily basis. I am not taking any medication and I feel great!

I came to the conclusion the Medical industry treat the symptoms and not necessarily what is causing the problem.

I love it when Evelyn works on me! There are no pills, needles, cutting, probing or testing involved only loving presence and release from whatever prevents me from being healthy.

 I love Craniosacral treatments with Evelyn. My kids and I all benefit from this beautiful peaceful and talented practitioner. I find it helps to relax us and help with our breathing and thus helps our immune system. Evelyn is so loving and works from her heart. My children  are always excited and love a session with Evelyn. Highly recommend Evelyn and Craniosacral therapy.

Marie Vos, 73 - Kliprivier, SA

In December 2011 I had a very big shoulder operation and I was in tremendous, unbelievable pain. I went for physio and my physiotherapist suggested I have CranioSacral Therapy and I said: What’s that? At first I was very skeptical but when she explained how it works, I agreed to go for a session and it was unbelievable that her touching me so gently could release such tremendous pain. I went for therapy for a year. Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder again when I fell in hospital and had to go for another shoulder operation. The cranio helped me tremendously. Besides what incredible pain release it was for my shoulder I also experienced that it helped for my sinuses, vertigo, my painful knee and constipation.

The sessions were so relaxing, I felt like I was floating on a cloud, it was so relaxing and soothing that when it was finished I was already looking forward to my next session. I always felt such a deep reverence for this work. Evelyn’s touch was warm and gentle and the treatments were non invasive. I felt so relaxed and energized after every session. I am so pleased that my shoulder is fully recovered. I believe that CranioSacral therapy is a miracle healing.

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