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Maybe it is TIME to reinvest your greatest currency?

During lock-down in Kuwait in 2020, Mark and I realized that the 6:00 – 16:00, 6 days a week slave to money ratio wasn’t working for us anymore.

Money is a beautiful thing and we always joked that it is easier to cry in a Hummer than it is to cry on a bicycle. Money isn't everything, but TIME is precious.

Some friends and family had backhanded comments about our prosperity and how we don’t know what difficulties they face, but few people take the moment to contemplate the sacrifices others make by working and living in a foreign country adjusting to a new culture without friends, family or any support in order to have the opportunity to create the life they always envisioned. Mark and I chose to retire from Construction so that we can live the life we always wanted. Our passion is to live our wisdom and in so doing holding our hands out in helping others to heal and prosper.

Between the heat, harassment, and attack on personal freedoms, I became a recluse. Thankfully I could still practice Craniosacral Therapy at home, but the 7 years in Kuwait was mostly spent on my own. In hindsight I can see the personal spiritual and emotional growth from becoming a recluse, being present with my thoughts and feelings. With all that time on my hands, one of the greatest lessons I learned was that time is our most precious currency.

The currency spent on loneliness, hard work, and sacrifice has paid off. The time on my own afforded me the opportunity to meditate and contemplate. Mark accurately renamed Kuwait "The Monastery". Sometimes we must do the things we don’t like, to afford us the time and currency to do the things we do want.

Consider how much time we spend watching television, scrolling on our phones watching other people’s lives, ignoring our own dreams and our loved ones.

Consider how much time we waste on regrets from the past, that can never be changed.

Consider the currency we spend on judgement, anger, attack, and criticism.

Consider the emotional strain from spending time with people whose time you are wasting, and who is wasting your time.

Consider the time spent on pain, anxiety, fear and then numbing it with medication.


Consider the currency spent on love, change, evolution, learning, growing, laughing, and being present.

Consider how much we spend on exercising, seeking help, healing, meditating, and contemplating.

Consider one more moment you could spend in a lover's arms or holding your loved one's hand before they make their transition.

Our greatest currency is our time, use it wisely, move your attention around, reinvest.

May your moments be deliberate and prosperous.

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