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Chantal Jacobs

I started seeing Evelyn for Craniosacral Therapy when I was deeply traumatised from being held at gunpoint and robbed. I was having daily panic attacks and living in a constant state of anxiety and deep depression. The sessions with Evelyn left me feeling calm and relaxed, and gave me the motivation to actively keep working towards my total healing. After each session I felt like I had slept deeply for several hours and was in such a good space.


Jeanette Fouche

I have been strugling with chronic compartment syndrome and pain in both legs for 5 years and have been to several different physiotherapists for help. After exploring the posibility of the pain being due to unresolved trauma I was referred to Evelyn at Sublime Craniosacral Therapy for craniosacral therapy. From the first session I could feel a drastic difference in my legs. Evelyn's warm and approachable nature made feel at ease immediately. She gently explains the process and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. I have since been back twice more and have already booked a few more sessions. After each session the pain has decreased, I feel more energetic and my outlook to life has changed for the better. I can not recommend Evelyn and this therapy enough. This has honestly been the only treatment I have had which has alleviated the pain I experienced over the past 5 years. Will 100% recommend Evelyn!!

Ashley Diedericks

I've had a couple of sessions with Evelyn and wow , I cannot express the sense of calm and peace that flows through my body during the session and remains with me after . She is such a gentle and loving soul . I highly recommend this therapy to anyone that has had some form of trauma or anyone that needs to get rid of body pain , anxiety and stress.
She truly creates a safe space for you to come back to your body

Oxhumana naye


Ucingo: 083 307 4034

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