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Craniopsycho what?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Dubai, 2011, it was a hot Thursday morning, only 06:30 and the car's temperature gauge was already on 49 degrees Celsius. My husband Mark and I took turns driving in to work in the mornings. Work was for a construction company smack bang in the middle of the desert. We traveled on Shaikh Zayed road for an hour and then turned right onto the sand roads into the desert, where we drove for another 20 km to the porter cabins at the Project site. I was the PA to the Project Director at the time.

Everyday was the same, we would drive 2 hours to and from work, eat, clean the apartment, sleep, repeat and I was very, very unhappy. Every night I would meditate and ask the questions we all ask; What is the purpose of my life, why am I here and where am I going? Little did I know that Thursday morning that my questions would be answered.

I have been searching for a non-invasive healing modality after seeing the wonderful results my mom showed with the Brandon Bays "Journey" technique. I believed that there was more to healing than just a prescription. My mom has had many physical illnesses and suffered from clinical depression her entire life, and as a child seeing the amount of pain my mother was going through, I realized that medicine was not the only way to heal. What heals a soul? What heals emotional pain? I couldn't see how a tablet could instantly dissolve a lifetime of broken experiences. I wanted to help others heal but I didn't want to interfere in their process, I didn't want to control, manipulate, direct their process, all I ever wanted was to hold someone where ever they find themselves and make them feel held, seen and loved. I looked at several modalities but none of them fit this criteria until that one Thursday morning...

I was busy with a phone-call when a stranger walked into my office. I finished the call and the person asked me where he could find someone that does CranioSacral Therapy in Dubai? I asked him, what is Craniopsycho therapy? He just smiled and explained that it is not psycho therapy but a healing modality that is non-invasive and with a series of soft touch and different holds, the practitioner 'listens' to the expression of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system and the periphery of the body. This biodynamic approach is extremely effective because there is no manipulation necessary for the central nervous system to attain a relaxed state and in doing so releasing blockages in the tissues and fluids. I was gobsmacked! My 'prayers' have been answered! Here in the middle of the desert, in a porter cabin I meet a fellow South African that introduced me to the exact type of modality that I have been searching for. This was serendipitous! I just burst out laughing! He must have thought that I was crazy but I explained to him how beyond all odds, he found me of all people to ask me about CranioSacral Therapy.

That Monday, he brought me a book by Michael Kern named Wisdom in the Body. I immediately started reading and CranioSacral Therapy was everything I have ever thought that healing and holding should be, I was in love! My new friend found a Doctor in the Dubai mall Hospital that practices CST and he booked a session for me. I was completely blown away by the gentleness of this work, yet at the same time having such a multi-dimensional impact on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The session was beyond anything I could ever imagine from a healing modality. I was hooked!

Now the challenge was, how do I get to become a practitioner? As it would be, one of my friends knew of someone that was living in their community that was offering the courses in Johannesburg. This was definitely a sign! Everything was just falling naturally into place. Our project came to an end in Dubai and 3 months later we were in South Africa, just in time for me to start my new journey with CranioSacral Therapy.

My experience has been sublime, that is why I named my practice Sublime CranioSacral Therapy. This work has humbled me in being a witness to so many souls finally releasing their pain and I stand in awe of the power of holding, in complete stillness, without judgement, without expectation, in unconditional love.

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